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Twenty Questions & Answers About Unity

The History Of Unity In The Buffalo Area

Our Mission:  "To explore and discover "Who You Are." (Galations 6:4, "Make a careful exploration of "who you are" and the work you have been given.")  ... to teach Truth, build dreams, heal lives, love people and serve G od. 

Our Vision: To support and contribute to the exploration and discovery of "who you are" and God's plan for your life in all ways.  By exploring and discovering...

-  That God is loving, all powerful and everywhere present    
-  The Christ, God's spirit and goodness in human beings
-  How to design a life you love with creative thinking
-  The "still small voice" of God through effective prayer and meditation.

Our Prayer: Dear God: We place Unity and all its affairs lovingly into Your hands. Your Divine wisdom directs every decision made and sustains all our  accomplishments.  
Our work here is an activity of love. Everyone is blessed and prospered by the loving work of Your Spirit through US. Your power delivers and frees us from any adversity. Nothing can hinder or delay our success and prosperity.

All things work together for good.

Each one connected in any way with our center brings a blessing to everything we do, for Your glory. We now enter a new era of rich manifestation for Unity which fulfills Your Divine plan.  - Amen
(adapted from a prayer written by Norma Knight Jones)

The Unity Center for Unlimited Possibilities is supported by tithes, time and gifts of those who are blessed by this ministry. Currently on our wish list are a Uniteen & Y.O.U. Facilitator and a Media Producer. If you can help us, please contact Marge Reid at
1-716-684-2007 or by email at unityst@roadrunner.com.

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