Meditation CD

This meditation is adapted from 'Christ Enthroned In Man' by Cora Dedrick Fillmore, and 'Twelve Powers of Man' by Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity.
The Resurrection CD is a meditative, relaxing and peaceful encounter with the Christ within. Listening to this meditation CD once or twice a day for several weeks or months will awaken the indwelling Christ. Each time you listen, your direct experience of the Christ will deepen.
"In the resurrection, Jesus manifested HimSelf in His astral or psychical body, but with Spiritual Awareness always dominant. In this, He blazed a new trail in which we can participate here and now."  -Cora Dedrick Fillmore
The Resurrection CD is a total of 38:24 minutes.
Part One: An Overview of the Twelve Powers (6:03 minutes)
Part Two: Centering in the Presence (13:12 minutes)
Part Three: A Twelve Powers Meditation (19:08 minutes)
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