Prayer Requests

"For where your treasure is,
there will your heart be also"
-Matthew 6:21

The Pearl of Jesus' parable is the greatest of all treasures. It represents the Indwelling Christ, our true Identity in Divine Mind. The parable also gives us three basic steps in claiming this treasure. The first is to discover Its reality. The second is to sell, or give up, all contrary beliefs and opinions. The third is to buy it; that is, to receive and become conscious of the truth ourselves.

This does not mean a passive acceptance. It requires an effort of total attunement to the Allness/Omnipresence of God. When we base our security on the Divine Presence, we receive God's perfect ideas and are inwardly transformed. This is what Jesus meant by laying up treasures in heaven. When we do so, we are both self-reliant in the highest sense, and within the orbit of God's protection and supply. We then fear no evil, for we have a vital connection with the living God.

The following are affirmative statements of prayer that Unity In Prayer uses to remind us of our vital connection:

- I discover the Indwelling Christ as the greatest of all treasures.
- I let go of all beliefs and opinions that reject Its reality.
- I joyfully receive the Indwelling Christ as my true Identity.
- As I commune with Divine Presence, I receive God's perfect ideas and use them.
- I am transformed by the renewal of my mind.

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