Healing Spa

Spirit, Mind, Body Spa Wellness

    The Healing Spa @ Unity has a full array of Spirit, Mind and Body healing modalities available.Explore the Spiritual Healing Spa in a soothing, nurturing environment of healing modalities for Spirit, Mind and Body.

The Healing Spa @ Unity specializes in SUMISHI Physio-Aesthetic Age Management Skin Care. A Japanese technology that advances nonsurgical lifting of the face and body, skin healing and muscle re-education.  Clayton Shagal's finest collagen, elastin and hyloronic products compliment the treatments.

We also specialize in Age and Weight Reversal with a Return to Youth that includes an Ageless Skinfacial, Lymph Drainage and a Youth Lift that refreshes, hydrates, lifts, trains and reducates sagging musclesfor a more youthful appearance. Gift certificates also available.

We offer a full array of Spa Wellness services: Including Holistic Oxygen Service with an Oxygen Facial and  OxySerum; and The Art and Rehabilitation of OxyBreathing, and a Refreshing Holistic Oxygen Bar.

By appointment only.

Aroma Detox Foot Bath, Aroma Parafin Hydration, Cellulite treatment, Effleurage, Body Balancing and Wraps, Hot & Cold Stone facial and body therapy. Lymph cleansing and balancing.

Refresh your mind and heal your body with Principled Based Coaching with Rev Marge, based Dr Bruce Lipton's, "the Wisdom of Your Cells:How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology,"  Combine this with  Myrtle Fillmore's (the Mother of Unity)  "Authentic Healing Prayer Technique." and Awaken the TrueLife of your spirit, mind and body. Combined in a gentle spa atmosphere of Reiki, the Healing affect of Color and Light and beautiful Spa Music. 

 Price menu available. We now accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and Paypal. Call 716.870.8709.






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